Emmanuel Haven FM – (EH 88.7 FM)

About Emmanuel Haven FM – (EH 88.7 FM):

Heaven 88.7 FM is licensed and operated under the Master’s Baptist College of Fargo. It is a commercial free- listener supported radio station. The station manager, Tim Schaefer, has kept a format consisting of sacred music and brief Bible instructional programs.

Heaven 88.7 FM is broadcasted at a height of 930′ from a tower site near Amenia, ND. The studio is in Fargo. Currently the signal is being received 100 miles away in most of eastern North Dakota and North Western Minnesota. Broadcasting is 24 hours a day.

Our hope is for people within a certain listening area who are not receiving our signal very strongly, to perhaps get together and pool their resources to bring a translator into their area. Our station will gladly consent to allowing our signal to be used; but due to substantial expenses on our end, we would not be able to underwrite the cost. If you know of a group of people in your area who may be interested in this project, please contact our station.

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Emmanuel Haven FM – (EH 88.7 FM)