TUT FM 96.2

TUT FM 96.2

About TUT FM 96.2:

TUT FM 96.2 is a South African university campus radio station based in Soshanguve, Gauteng. It broadcasts from the Soshanguve Campus of the Tshwane University of Technology.

The local Soshanguve area in Pretora is intrinsically linked to TUT FM. TUT FM was established right in the begining of community broadcasting as a station designed to service the local community and has since built a reputation of tapping into the lifestyle of the surrounding area.

TUT FM plays a variety of urban music and has a tendancy to break new music into the local market.

TUT FM has become the shining light in the area, constantly acting as the mouthpiece of the community, broadcasting live 18 hours a day and automating for 6 hours overnight.

Contact Us:
Call us on 012-382-9719

TUT FM 96.2
No 2 College Block L
Soshanguve, 0152

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