Wild Coast FM

Wild Coast FM

About Wild Coast FM:

What does Wild Coast FM Broadcast?:
Wild Coast FM is a a music based community radio station, broadcasting a mix of information, education and entertainment in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

Where does Wild Coast FM Broadcast?:
Wild Coast FM broadcasts from studios situated in the Village Center, Schafli Rd on the East Coast Resorts to a footprint covering the Greater Buffalo City area and Coastline extending to Kei Mouth in the east and Kayser’s Beach in the west.

 What do I need to do and how can I help?:
Wild Coast FM aims to be part of the community of the Greater Buffalo City Area by getting involved in activities throughout the area. Activities ranging from sport, music, school, cultural, religious and charities will be covered. We need your signature as a form of support for the initiative and if you represent a School PTA, Church group, NGO or business, a letter of support on your letterhead will assist us in our license application. The letters can be emailed to wildcoastfm@gmail.com or faxed to 086 683 4414.

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Wild Coast FM