Radio Rosestad 100.6 FM

About Radio Rosestad 100.6 FM:

Rose City Radio is a community radio station modern spontaneously from the ranks of the Afrikanerluisteraars Bloemfontein originated. Support for this unique dream already in 1994 when a large group of residents of Bloemfontein and surrounds, ideal for a unique radio station for our region root. The uniqueness of Rose City Radio is that it is in Afrikaans for the residents of Bloemfontein and surrounding areas within a catchment area of ​​100 km, broadcasting.

The station literally from nothing, but a beautiful dream, immeasurable enthusiasm and fierce determination, but with a firm reliance on the Supreme arise.

The principles on which the station is based, is that it is a Christian, African radio station will be in accordance with the policies, mission and objectives of the founders of the station. All programs will be a Christian worldview and portray. Tying in all facets of the Afrikaans language and culture in our programs portrayed and developed. This includes the exciting variety of elements in the past and present of the African, his culture and his music embodies. The staff and listeners what they associate with the same aspirations, will be at Rose City Radio a listening experience that experience will feel at home.

Although African music the largest component of our music, we also broadcast the allocation of our broadcasting license music in English and European languages.

We are proud that Radio Rose City one of the first community radio station in South Africa with an approved broadcasting license.

Rose City Radio broadcast independently through our own signal distribution technology.

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Fax: 086 585 3678
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For more information, click on the link below:
Radio Rosestad 100.6 F


For more information, click on the link below:
Radio Rosestad 100.6 FM