Power FM (Power 98.7 FM)

Power FM (Power 98.7 FM)

About Power FM (Power 98.7 FM):

Power FM (also known as Power 98.7 FM) is a South African commercial radio station based in Gauteng.

It was awarded a FM radio frequency commercial license from ICASA on 15 December 2011 and went on-air on the 18 June 2013.

The radio station is owned by MSG Afrika Investment Holdings, led by Given Mkhari, with shareholders including Ndalo Media, led by Khanyi Dhlomo; Zico, led by Sandile Zungu; and various other investors.

Coverage area:
Gauteng Province and surrounding areas.

Target audience:
Age Group 25 – 49
LSM 6 – 10

Programme format of Power FM (Power 98.7 FM):
70% Talk30% Music
During weekdays, it broadcasts talk content from 05am to 00am and music will broadcast from midnight till 05am.During weekends, it broadcasts music around the clock, with talk elements at various intervals.


The station is based in:
POWER HOUSE, 79 Central Street, Houghton Estate, Gauteng.

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Power FM (Power 98.7 FM)