Fine Music Radio (FMR)

Fine Music Radio (FMR)

About Fine Music Radio (FMR):

Vision … why FMR exists:
The vision of Fine Music Radio is to uplift, inspire and entertain its target audience by presenting quality classical and jazz music, and by broadcasting information on cultural and artistic events.
Mission Statement … how FMR exists:
The Mission of Fine Music Radio is to achieve excellence in carrying out its fundamental purpose, maintaining its strategic distinctiveness, fulfilling its promises to its stakeholders, living up to its values and beliefs.
Strategic Distinctiveness … why FMR is different from other radio stations
Fine Music Radio understands its strategically distinct niche to be the broadcasting of quality classical and jazz music twenty-four hours a day, and of programmes giving information on local cultural and artistic events, and on news and weather.
Stakeholder Promises … the FMR promise to you
The stakeholders of Fine Music Radio are the station’s subscribers, listeners, production and broadcasting staff, management and board. Fine Music Radio promises these stakeholders that the station will to the very best of its collective abilities live up to the commitments contained in the station’s Vision and Mission Statement. In fulfilment of its Mission, Fine Music Radio commits itself to:

  • recruiting new staff and providing training and support for them;
  • maintaining and improving quality of classical music and jazz broadcasts;
  • promoting local talent and local content in its broadcasts.

Values & Beliefs … what is important to FMR
Fine Music Radio is committed to the following beliefs and values in all its actions: honesty, integrity, transparency, professionalism.

We subscribe to the BCCSA code of conduct.
Where does FMR broadcast ?
Greater Cape Town Area : 101.3 FM
Hout Bay & Llandudno : 94.7 FM
Atlantic Seaboard 97.1 FM
Fish Hoek & Noordehoek 107.9

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Fine Music Radio (FMR)