Local Documentaries return on e.tv

Local Documentaries return on e.tv

The highly anticipated thematic regional documentary series will return to e.tv from Sunday, 24 January 2016 at 6:30PM. Local documentaries are key and showcase dynamic and evolving regional stories from across South Africa.   

Viewers will explore the innovative and progressive shift across provinces such as the North West, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape. One of the unique stories viewers can look forward to is titled VenRap: Taking Hip-Hop to the Streets. This documentary was filmed in Limpopo and it focuses on two young men who set off a digital station ‘Venrap Radio’ to help out up-and-coming Venda Hip-Hop artists divulge their talents of rhyming and beat boxing in diverse languages of Limpopo.

“These documentaries depict the lives and trends of ordinary South Africans who are making great strides in their communities. Each episode takes the viewer through a unique journey of discovery and learning. It’s important that we continue to document South African culture and trends, this is part of our ongoing effort to ensure that history and legacy is transferred across generations,” says MD of e.tv Channels, Monde Twala”

Don’t miss another thrilling season of e.tv’s Local documentary slate from Sunday, 24 January at 6:30PM. Viewers will now get the opportunity to watch the documentaries in HD quality on eHD on both OpenView HD and DStv Explorer.


Ingoma – Sunday,24 January
Ingoma is a celebration of indigenous music through the eyes of our youth, a journey of anticipation and passion. This documentary will follow the preparation phases of the groups that would be taking part in the December event.  Nkululeko Mthembu will be negotiating with various stakeholders – traditional leadership, elders and government officials- at the same time trying to gather and learn as much about iNkosi Dingane; as the journey builds up to its goal

Forging Ahead – 31 January
Forging ahead is a film about relationships. A young man from a poor background is surrounded with nothing more than good positive relationships and he uses those as his springboard to change his school marks and write his future.

Durban City Explosion (KZN) – 7 February
In the streets of Durban the performers bring shoppers and people of different nations to a standstill. They perform in the streets of the city centre and onlookers marvel as kids, who are barely teenagers showcase their discipline, talent and agility.

VenRap: Taking Hip Hop To The Streets (Limpopo) – 14 February
“VenRap: Taking Hip-Hop To The Streets” is a documentary about two Venda young men, Oriel Makhokha and Fhululani Nemahunguni, who set off a digital station ‘Venrap Radio’. The station helps out up-and-coming Venda Hip-Hop artists divulge their talents of rhyming and beat boxing in the diverse languages of Limpopo. After years of struggle for Venda Hip-Hop music to have a home in the country, it ultimately came to an end when these two young men came together to set off their own radio station.

Strings (Free State) – 21 February
A young violin player returns to her Free State hometown after her musical studies took her all over the world. Her dream is to become a professional musician and go as far as her music will take her. Ultimately she wants to return to her roots, teaching young township kids from the Free State the joys and discipline of mastering a classical instrument, the same way she was taught.  But first she has to battle against the preconceived ideas and indifference towards classical music, plus the despondency caused by poverty, social problems and unemployment that often exist amongst township youth.

Ikhankatha (Eastern Cape) – 28 February
A documentary that seeks to explore and uncover the secrets, the failures, and the successes of Ikhankatha through the initiation period. It feature two most successful and most sought after traditional nurses in the area of Whittlesea. The area has relatively no deaths or gross injuries during the initiation season. These traditional nurses are most celebrated and have no educational background.

Mama Nofoti (Eastern Cape) – 6 March
The film is a slice in the life of a 66 year old female boxing promoter, Nofoti Mtimde, from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.  It pays tribute to this phenomenal woman who has been involved in boxing for over four decades with her love for the sport never being shaken regardless of the challenges she faces as a female promoter. As a female promoter, Nofoti has seen herself facing challenges like not being recognized or taken seriously, this being evident in her boxing center which is made of corrugated iron, with no proper training facilities for her boxers. She resides in a crime infested township of Motherwell where she has to mother and mentor young male and female amateur boxers from different backgrounds.

Ukuthomba (Mpumalanga) – 13 March
Ukuthomba is an initiation process that is proudly upheld in the Ndebele culture also known as iqude, whereby young girls need to earn the right to be dimed as women, who are fully capable of taking care of their household as well as the man who will become their husband. At a very tender age, completing the initiation earns them respect from the elderly and sets them apart from other regular girls. However this process requires the participant to be ready to undergo a massive transformation, to lose herself completely; mentally, physically and emotionally to become Abagensi (elderly mentors).