Life FM

Life FM

About Life FM:

Life Fm is a registered Non Profit  Company (NPC) Christian community radio station, focussing on the needs of the community. We specialise in 3 things at the upcoming station. We  Inform, educate and entertain our audiences.

We will be broadcasting 70% English, 20%Afrikaans and 10% Tswana.    ( 40% talk shows and 60% Music)

The directors and myself are pleased to be part of this new notion of community radio and are proud to present the initiative to you as a leader in our community.

We will be broadcasting in the Matlosana area. 70km radius from Klerksdorp.

Community development – Our focus is fully to unite the people of Matlosana over culture and race through our unique programming and events like our top talent search, Dj competition and many more community involvement projects.  We long to see all South Africans stand together as one nation.

With our unique programmes, we focus on educating our audiences in all aspects of life. We long to create dreams and give hope and a platform to reach those dreams. We also broadcast free of charge, government campaigns like HIV awareness etc our audiences with the latest community news with a live news broadcast at six ‘o clock every night.

Entertainment Unlike other radio stations, we are free to air only family entertainment, because we are a Christian station, which means no sex, violence or dreadful language, and this means crime rates and HIV going down, a better way of life for all.
This is one of our biggest missions, to create employment in Klerksdorp.  More jobs, not only inside Life Fm, but we strive to help our advertisers with lowest advertising rates, that their businesses can grow fast, and the bigger the businesses, the more jobs there will be all over S.A.  Happy days are coming!!!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in our community without an income, and it’s our heart’s desire to help these people.

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