About Kumkani:

Kumkani radio have 25 volunteers who will be radio DJs so one can tune in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The founder of the radio station is Nathi Dyubula.

Kumakani means ‘King’ so we asked Nathi why they chose that name for the station.  “We didn’t want a name that would create a barrier so we chose to call it Kumkani FM since we are going to be kings of what we are doing,” says the founder.

“I’m involved in entertainment, especially with artists from recording to shooting music videos, media doesn’t support local acts especially broadcast and you find artists leaving for Joburg to pursue careers,” says Nathi.

Kumkani FM applied for their broadcast license in 2009 but got approved last year and has got everything ready for the exciting new community station which they hope will benefit young businesses and artists.

“We want to uplift the community, local artists and businesses especiall, for them to get exposure in order to grow,” says Thulani ‘DJ Tulz’ Nqambi one of the radio personalities at Kumkani FM.
The station will be 60% music and 40% talk and the music will concentrate on local acts and they hoping for much support from listeners.

Unathi Dyubula, Nontuthuzelo Dyubula, Siyamthanda Mpapa, Henry Tutuzo and Nathi Dybula are the driving force behind Kumakani FM and are looking forward to the station taking off and informing and entertaining BCMM residents.

“Our aim is to establish local entertainment, but our main problem is funding which is why it has taken us a while to get to where we are,” says Nathi.

Viwe Biko is another DJ for the station, he is going on air and he presents a traditional music show. “I’am doing a traditional music show called ‘Siphila nge ngoma kwantu’, the station won’t just be about music but culture and other various shows from gospel to talk to accommodate everyone not just the youth,” he says.

Kumkani FM is about building the community to get the spirit of entrepreneurship alive and hustling mentality, so their listeners can push for success as their slogan suggests, ‘The Voice of the Hustler’.
So November is the month to tune into the next BCMM movement.

Our Vision:
To see the Buffalo City as montihood, where nation’s most influential entertainers will be produced.

 Our Mission:
To Establish and Develop the Buffalo City Entertainment Industry by encouraging youth to be envolved as actors, radio personel, musicians, producers directos and entrepreneurs throught formal and informal education.

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