Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9)

Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9)

About Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9):

Koepel Stereo FM (KSFM) is a Community Radio Station based in Parys in the Free State province of South Africa.

The Station, licensed to operate on the 94.90 MHz frequency by the regulatory body ICASA, with a mandate of 30% English to 70% Afrikaans.

The station caters specifically for listeners in the Municipal district of Ngwathe.

It has a strong association with the seventh World Heritage site, the Vredefort Dome. This site is recognized as the oldest and biggest, impact zone by an asteroid on Earth.

The station provides a service to the community by broadcasting programmes of interest to the previously mentioned community. The content is wide ranging from local and International news actuality, cooking, health, financial, political and music shows. The listeners are wide ranging from pensioners to small children.

KSFM is a powerful communicator for the Ngwathe community. Our goal is to be the communicator of choice and to be self-sustainable in the shortest space of time.

This objective will be met by collaborating with local companies and The Department of Communications in their mission to help bridge the digital divide by providing a communication outlet to economically marginalized South Africans and in turn contribute to the country’s growth and development.

KSFM will provide our listeners and advertisers with the platform that allow them to become more productive, entertained and informed via local programming satisfying the needs of the community. In addition, we will promote tourism to the benefit of local business and create awareness of environmental, political, and other issues relative to the growth and advancement of the community and country as a whole.

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Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9)