It is with absolute sadness that we have to postpone the Pink Loerie Festival for 2020 to Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September. The South African President has instructed that all gatherings above 100 people are to be called off.

We were really excited to deliver the Pink Loerie and LGBTQ+ revival for 2020 but we cannot be irresponsible in delivering an event that will one, not be attended by people due to coronavirus and two, place people’s lives at risk.

We will be confirming the new date in 2020 from our website and pages and this will be based on the trajectory of the coronavirus and how it affects the world and South Africa.

Please note that you can and should be able to place accommodation and flights on hold till further notice and if not your travel insurance should cover this under an “Act of God” clause that was beyond the control of the festival planners and beyond your control.

We encourage our members, followers and festival goers to keep their chin up in this horrible time that the whole world is going through and note that we will come back from this stronger and better.

Remember, we will have the biggest, most fabulous, feather filled and happy party when this is all over, so keep up your spirit and let us remember we as the LGBTQ+ community have been through these terrible diseases before and we will learn to get through this as humanity as we have before.