Kingfisher FM

Kingfisher FM

About Kingfisher FM:

Kingfisher FM is a family lifestyle radio station, broadcasting to the Nelson Mandela Bay area and surrounds. It’s a mix of music and talk, about lifestyle, life and opinions, reflecting South Africa’s vibrant and ever-changing society.

We are a family lifestyle radio station– we do radio for a very special tribe of people who live in scenic Nelson Mandela Bay & surrounding country towns, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
Kingfisher FM is niche-casting.
We talk lifestyle. Food. Fashion. Cars. Travel. Design.
We talk life. Education. Health. Economy. Governance.
We talk spicy opinion, connecting the people of this little bit of world with each other & the place we work & live & play.
Kingfisher FM is ‘awesomeness aloud’ for ‘awesome people’ living in an an ‘awesome bit of world’.

103.8 and 107.5 FM

Port Elizabeth, Despatch, Jeffreys Bay, Cape St. Francis, Oyster Bay, St. Francis Bay, Colchester, Addo, Hankey, Patensie, Kirkwood, Paterson, Sundays River.

45% Afrikaans, 36% Xhosa, 19% English

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