Assembly Radio

Assembly Radio

Assembly Radio:

Since opening night on December 12 2007, The Assembly has grown from new kid on the block to well established giant within Cape Town’s live music scene. In times to come the venue will maintain its massive following simply by doing what it does best: consistently showcasing only the best and brightest musicians and DJ’s from all genres, be they local or international, rising stars or household names.

Based on Harrington Street in the heart of District 6, The Assembly building was originally used as a warehouse. The expansive interiors have been renovated, but not completely reformed, creating an interior mash-up both slick and industrial, and packed with a diverse and eclectic crowd who call The Assembly home every weekend.

Birthday Specials:
Celebrate your birthday with The Assembly. If your birthday falls on the day of one of our events we’ll put you + 3 friends on the guest list!

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Our Manifesto:

The Assembly venue was founded on the idea of showcasing good music. And deep down, we all pretty much know what that is. It’s definitely not the trash that infects our speakers every time we tune in to an FM station. With presenters that have long since sold out. And with programming and playlists planned by accountants, trend advisors and not music lovers.

We knew we could be better. We knew we could give music lovers more of what they love. And it’s pretty simple: good music. Not one specific taste, not one specific genre, not one specific idea – but good music of all kinds, presented by people that actually care about it.

That is why we founded the Assembly Radio. Because we want to tune in too.

We’re Online

We’re online because online is now everywhere. Internet connections are getting cheaper all the time and online we can do whatever we want, without having to subject ourselves to the scrutiny of any broadcasting board requirements.

Our stream is gorgeous. If you know a little about tech, we’re playing out at 48Kbps through compression technology which means good crisp highs, deep bass and clean mids. Our state-of-the-art studio kit is sourced by our friends at Paul Bothner Music to ensure that we get great quality at an efficient bit rate. You can turn it up loud. You could throw a party with it. It’s Neighbour Annoyance Approved. (TM) And the best part is that it’s only:

So enjoy. We’re enjoying bringing you the best music we can find.

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Assembly Radio